Meet Dr. Laura Jana

Meet Dr. Laura Jana: a board-certified pediatrician, proud mother of three, national speaker, health communicator, innovator, and award-winning parenting and children’s book author based in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Dr. Jana is particularly passionate about improving the well being of children, families, and communities. She is well recognized nationally for her ongoing efforts to promote healthy lifestyles for children and offer credible, practical parenting advice. Having first served as a consultant to Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Jana went on to co-found The Dr. Spock Company – one of the first online health sites - in the late 1990’s, and subsequently her own company - Practical Parenting Consulting. She serves as an expert consultant for national news media, academic and government organizations, non-profits, and major corporations on a range of topics and is a media spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is concerned with pediatric issues that extend beyond the four walls of a pediatric office. Now she’s lending us her expertise on a common childhood struggle: bedwetting.

Help your child conquer
bedwetting for good!

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Help your child conquer bedwetting for good!

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